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Loan Checklist-Basic

The following items may be critical to your loan being completed in a timely manner. Please provide them if they apply to you.


  • Paystubs covering the last 4 weeks
  • Last 2 years w2's
  • If Bonused/Commissioned: Last 2 years signed Federal Tax returns with all schedules
  • If Self Employed: Last 2 years signed Federal Tax Returns and a year to date Profit+Loss
  • If Company Owner, (20-25% or more): Last 2 years Corporate Tax Returns & year to date P+L
  • If Property Owner: Last 2 years Federal Tax Returns and copies of leases
  • If Alimony/Child Support: A Copy of Divorce- Decree/Separation Agreement with all Stips or Child support Decree if applicable.
  • Last 12 months canceled checks, front and back of compensations to show receipt
  • If less than 2 Years of steady employment: Work history letter, Resume and/or Diploma
  • If Relocating: Offer letter and all relocation-documents regarding benefits


  • Statement of Checking and Savings Accounts- Last 3 monthly or 2 quarterly complete statements
  • If passbook - Copy of complete book, all pages
  • IRA/401K - Copy of last 3 monthly or 2 quarterly statements
  • Stock and Investment - Last 3 monthly or 2 quarterly statements
  • If liquidating them, provide proof of the transaction
  • Gifts - Completed gift letter with all supporting documentation
  • If Selling a home? - Sales contract and HUD-1 settlement when available


  • If Renting - Landlord address or 12 months canceled rent checks, front and back
  • If Homeowner - 12 months canceled mortgage checks, front and back
  • All credit card account numbers
  • All installment loan account numbers and addresses
  • If resident Alien - Copy of alien registration card(s)
  • Patriot Act requirements -Copy of Driver License(s) & copy of Social Security Card(s)
  • If VA Loan - Original copy of Certificate of Eligibility or DD214

Subject Property Information

  • If Buying Single Fam. - Executed Purchase Agreement, Deed, Tax Bill & Listing Sheet (if Refinancing, copy of mortgage note)
  • If Buying Multi Fam. - Executed Purchase Agreement, Deed, Tax Bill & Listing Sheet & Leases (if refinancing, copy of mortgage note)
  • If Buying Condo - Executed Purchase Agreement, Tax Bill, Condo Docs, including Bye laws, Budget & Master Insurance policy- (if refi, copy of mortgage note & unit deed)
  • If Refinancing - Copy of Deed, Tax Bill and Page of Homeowners Policy-showing annual premium.
  • Copy of the mortgage note

Help available: If at any point you need help getting any of your items on the list together, please call to let us assist you. We appreciate your business.



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